How To Get Started

Below outlines  simple steps required to begin your new life as a commercial
licensed driver and enroll in our school.  You are encouraged to attend our free no-obligation orientation

Enrollment Requirements

We require a copy of either your high school diploma or GED equivalent. For those clients without a high school diploma or GED equivalent, you must take the United States Department of Education approved ability-to-benefit examination, Wonderlic, Inc., that will be independently administered by a third party; not by the institution. This company provides a scholastic level exam (cognitive test). The test will be administered prior to executing the Student Enrollment and Program Agreement. Each potential ability-to-benefit student must obtain passing scores of Verbal (200) and Quantitative (210).

Eligibility Pre-Requisites
  •  Verify California residency and / or citizenship
  •  Verify age:
  •  At least 18 years old and qualify to receive a DMV CDL Instruction (Practice) Permit
  •  At least 18 years old to drive for hire
  •  At least 21 years old to drive a commercial vehicle across state lines (interstate commerce) or
    transport     hazardous material. Those applying for a commercial driver license to transport
    hazardous materials must also undergo a security background check.
  •  Current DMV California Driver License must be valid with no suspensions or license holds.
  •  You must Provide Verification to ATD ability to speak, read and write English*
    *Ability to obtain a ATD Commercial Learner’s Permit is sufficient documentation to satisfy the
    English    proficiency requirement.
  •  Must have a High School Diploma, GED or equivalent, or pass an Ability to Benefit Test

Pre-Admission Requirements
  • Attend an Academy of Truck Driving (ATD) Orientation (Currently by appointment only)
  • Obtain Current 10 Year History Driving Record (DMV Print out – H6)  
  • Your DMV driving record must have no more than 3 points and be dated within 30 days of your enrollment.
  • Schedule to take Department of Transportation (DOT) Medical Examination for Commercial Driver Fitness
    and DOT Regulated 5 Panel Drug Test**
  • Study Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) - CDL Handbook (and Academy of Truck Driving Program
  • Schedule an appointment to apply for and obtain your DMV Commercial Learner’s Permit**
  • Complete DMV application form DL 44C
    You must provide to DMV proof of age and true full name, verification of social security number.
    Signing this form means you agree to submit to a chemical test to determine the alcohol or drug  
    content of your blood. If you refuse to sign this form, DMV will not issue or renew your driver license)
  • Pay the application fee. (Currently $73)
  • This fee is good for 6 months from the permit application date. You may request a two month
    extension up to no more than 1 year from the permit application date.
  • You will be expected to provide a thumbprint, take a photo, and vision test
  • Provide DMV with original Medical Examiner’s Report – DL 51 and signed Medical Examiner’s
  • Take and pass the DMV Commercial Learner’s Permit written exam
  •  For students seeking tuition grants, obtain funding commitment from tuition granting agency. Follow-up with
    referral agency counselors for grant approval. (Tuition grants available for qualified students.)

**If arranged, Academy of Truck Driving staff will assist students in obtaining required documents and provide
tutoring for written exam. Students will not be allowed to get behind the wheel of any vehicle without having their
copy of the Instruction (Practice) Permit in their possession.

Admission/Enrollment Requirements
  •  Select ATD training program(s) and identify desired job outcome (CDL A or B)
  •  Provide a complete Application Packet to Academy of Truck Driving:
  •  Completed ATD Student Application
  •  Provide ATD a copy of current valid California Class C driver license
  •  Copy of original Social Security Card
  •  Copy of High School Diploma, GED or equivalent, Ability to Benefit Test Results
  •  Original Current Driving Record (DMV Print out – H6)  (Must be dated within 30 days of enrollment)
  •  Copy of Medical Examiner’s Report (DL 51)
  •  Copy of Medical Examiner’s Certificate
  •  Verification of negative DOT Drug Test Result (Must be dated within 30 days of enrollment)
  •  Copy of DMV Commercial Learner’s Permit (Expiration date must be dated no later than estimated
    completion date of program)
  •  Pay ATD full tuition or provide verification of funding agency tuition grant authorization letter.
  •  Complete ATD “Student Enrollment & Program Agreement”
  •  Register with ATD Career Center Job Developer

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